Tips For Corporate Event Planning 2022

Corporate event planning can be a daunting task. It’s hard to make comfortable accommodations for coworkers, clients, vendors, and guest speakers. Fortunately, planning and thinking ahead will make the next corporate event a breeze.

Corporate event planning is no easy task, with many factors involved in finalizing an event and making it successful. When planning smaller events such as lunch or dinner, you have much more control over what is going on in the meal. However, other factors come into play when attempting to cater large events for hundreds of guests.

Use social networks for event promotion

Corporate event planning is hard; you’ve got to create an overall theme, figure out logistics for the staff, make sure vendors are prepared, and perhaps most importantly, get the word out. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great platforms for event promotion since they allow you to post updates about your event in a short amount of time.

Create an event website

As corporate events become increasingly popular, event planners are adding more events to their calendars. And with so many events, attendees often don’t know where to turn to find relevant information, including conference schedules, speaker bios, and directions. Creating a corporate event website can be a great way to inform attendees of an event, and it’s also a great way to create a virtual office for event planners.

Ensure effective communication

If you plan a corporate event this year, you’ll need to communicate with your attendees to prepare for the big event properly. By communicating with your guests, you can ascertain numbers, which is necessary to land on ballpark figures for catering needs, seating and transportation. Suppose you have finalized a group of about 70 attendees coming for the event; you can fix the right amount of food and beverages; get a coach hire leeds, if that’s where the venue is; and accommodate adequate space for the event. The arrangements are, similarly, subject to change based on the communication you maintain with the attendees.

Along with being in touch with attendees, you will also need to ensure smooth communication between the event staff. All the teams working for the event need to be in contact with each other to minimize setbacks and prevent problems from going unchecked. In that regard, Digital radio solutions allow for great coverage and can help keep the entire staff coordinate with each other seamlessly. They can also assist with quick emergency response, and event security, and reduce noise pollution during the event.

Use email marketing

Planning a corporate event this year? Whether you’re preparing a corporate holiday party or a company picnic, several things to remember as you prepare. And email marketing, which is a great marketing tool for b2b companies and businesses, is one of the most effective things you can do. It is important to remember that email marketing for corporate events should be effective and streamlined. Event organizers need to create professional and eye-catching email templates tailored to their event branding. Also, while sending emails, organisers need to target specific groups, such as VIP attendees or industry professionals, with relevant event information. This can be done with the help of the segmentation feature of email management software like Simplelists (visit, if interested). Using this kind of email software for event marketing can help set up automated workflows, sending timely reminders, updates, and follow-ups, ensuring attendees stay informed and engaged throughout the event journey.

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is a crucial part of any corporate event. By utilizing creative displays, props, and decorations, event planners can make exciting spaces that will leave a lasting impression on attendees. Also, installing car flags on attendees’ cars will create a sense of celebration and an engaging and memorable event.

Use podcasts

Podcasts can be an effective method for delivering company information to your employees, customers, and partners. With podcasts, you can easily reach your target audience through their preferred form of media. Podcasts are even less expensive than live seminars; you can make them as casual or formal as you want.

Set up a mobile app

Consider setting up a mobile app for the event. Many event coordinators like to use a mobile app to help attendees connect, share content, and increase their profits. Mobile event apps help increase ROI, customer engagement, and event experience. They also give your staff more tools to collect and manage feedback, which can help you plan your next event better.

Take lots of pictures

The key to great event planning is organization. Take lots of pictures at every stage to avoid stress and frustration later. The organization is key in planning corporate events, too. Make sure each detail is covered and everyone involved is on the same page. And be sure to take lots of pictures, too, since this event requires lots of photos.

Use a photo booth

A great way to add fun to a corporate event is to set up professional photo booths. You can put a customized hashtag on the photos and provide a social media stream so that attendees can instantly share the photos online. This will encourage guests to dress up and have a great time. They can also take photos home to share with friends and family.

What Is the Purpose of Corporate Events?

Corporate events are an important marketing tool for companies big and small. They are a great way to promote your brand and to get your products and services in front of potential customers. Not only that, but corporate events are also an excellent opportunity to get to know your employees better and to create a bit of downtime for employees.

Corporate event planning in 2022 will be viewed differently. Gone are the days of basic ballrooms and gala dinners. Executives expect more upscale and experiential approaches at their events. As the participants become more discerning, planning needs to be more tailored. This will require qualified planners who understand what these execs need.

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